Alli + Tim | Married!

Happy Monday everyone! I am so happy to finally be sharing Alli and Tim's beautiful wedding with you all!! If you saw my last post, then you already know my story about breaking my wrist TWO days before a wedding. Well, Alli and Tim's wedding was the VERY next weekend, and naturally (as would normally be the case with broken bones), I wasn't fully healed yet. But as I described in my last post, the Richmond wedding community is AMAZING, and the wonderful Ashley Glasco agreed to travel up to Great Falls, to shoot this lovely wedding with me. She even rescheduled a family apple picking/camping vacation. Thank you, Ashley!!

Alli & Tim - I cannot thank you enough for your grace and understanding, and for trusting me to deliver the incredible wedding experience you deserved. Your wedding was bright and timeless, and hopefully these photos preserve the emotion, laughter, and beauty of what was a completely magical day. The energy was infectious, and it was obvious that you both were surrounded by an extraordinary group of friends and family. I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of the day. Congratulations!!!