Alone with the giggles

Self-portraits.  We take them all the time, right?  But how often do you end up liking those?  Usually when I take one of those "let's see how far I can reach my arm out" self-portraits, I end up not liking at least one thing about the picture.  Usually it is my neck, or the fact that somehow my arm has gained about 100lbs.  So the other day (before the weather decided to try to melt all of us), I played with my camera on the tripod and took some self-portraits using my handy-dandy remote control clicker thingy (oh yes, be in awe of my ability to talk technically about my gear). Taking self-portraits, even when completely alone, made me feel somewhat self-conscious.  Why is that?  I couldn't stop giggling and making goofy faces.  Every time I tried to take a "serious" photo, I ended up feeling SUPER silly.  Anyone else ever tackled a self-portrait project, and found themselves unable to maintain composure, even without an audience?

Here is one of the only photos I'm willing to share from the adventure.

Laugh with me if you like! :)