Amanda + Mike | Engagement | Richmond, VA

I've already posted TWO sneak peeks of this session because I had SO much fun editing them and I just couldn't resist.  After rescheduling five times due to rain and thunderstorms, we finally ended up with a PERFECT evening at Byrd Park in Richmond, VA. Amanda and Mike, I had so much fun wandering around Byrd Park with you, and Mike, you were an exceptional model.   Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your engagement photos.  Get've got less than a year before the big day!!! :)

And I have some exciting news!!  I looove creating slideshows for my clients, but I stopped because slideshows are kinda boring without music and I wanted to make sure I wasn't using music illegally.   I'm happy to share my return to slideshows (yay!) using Creative Commons licensed music.  Please check out Amanda and Mike's slideshow on Facebook and leave them some love!  They are ENGAGED!! YAY!!!

The music is by Josh Woodward.  He is an independent musician and puts all of his music up on the web for free!  Please check out his website, he is awesome!!  If you like it, share it!  (And if you love it, make a donation...I did! :)

Update:  I took the slideshow down to make a small revision.  It be back up shortly so check back if you've missed it!!

Update 2:  The slideshow is back up!  With a little less of a distracting background.  I got a little carried away on the first one. :)  Enjoy!