Anderson Family | Crump Park, Henrico, VA

I taught with Laura two years ago when I was working as an instructional aide for an elementary exceptional education class. Any one who has worked in an elementary school before knows that it can be emotionally draining, especially when working with students with special needs. Despite my generally upbeat personality and disposition, sometimes I needed a dose of positivity to get me through the day.  Thanks to Laura, and the other teachers she worked closely with, I got a HUGE dose of positivity every single day. Laura was never without a smile on her face, and I'm so grateful to have had the chance to get to know her that year. When I  was on the fence about starting this business Laura was one of the first (among many great friends) to encourage and support me.  She was also one of the very first to book me for a session; she booked me for Sawyer's one year old photos when he still only 6 months old!!!

Our lives have taken us both in new directions over the past few years; me down the road of photography, and Laura down the road to being an incredible mother and wife. Sawyer turned one at the end of October and I got to help celebrate his birthday by running all over Meadow Farm/Crump Park with him and his mom and dad.

P.S. Sawyer should probably be modeling children's clothes.  He is a ridiculously handsome little boy!

Brandon & Laura - Thank you for choosing me to run around the park with you and your little man. Sawyer was so much fun to photograph.  I also love how many sloppy kisses you got throughout the day. :) I hope you enjoy the photos!!!