Andrea + Wren | Married!

You meet. You're in high school. You get butterflies in your stomach. You change your outfit ten to twenty times before you finally settle on the perfect pair of jeans and a "lookin' good, but not trying-too-hard" t-shirt. You go to the movies. You hangout with friends. You wonder when you'll share your first kiss and do fist pumps in the air when it finally happens. You fall in love. You stay in love. And after years of awesomeness, you decide to spend your life with each other. You marry your best friend. And all is well. Andrea and Wren got married. I was there, and it was marvelous. :)

Time to relive the day...Starting with Andrea's beautiful glowy dress...(It looks great on a hanger, but a million times better on Andrea!)

Three generations of wedding rings were tied around Andrea's bouquet.

Cutest bride EVER.

We escaped to the Capital for a few mother/daughter portraits.

Meanwhile, the boys and Ruben were having their own photo shoot adventures.

(On VCU's campus...raise your hand if you think this photo needs to be recreated with the VCU basketball coach "wearing the horns" and the team) 

Inspiration for this shot is courtesy of the dude in the background. Haha!

Andrea and Wren decided to have their ceremony in one of Richmond's most incredible churches, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

Here she comes! :)

Andrea - you're so cute. :)

YAY! Married!!!

I love both of these families!!

Andrea likes twirling, too.  No wonder we get along so well. :)

The reception was non-stop laughter, dancing, and hugs. And there was PIE. Pies are so delicious.

Andrea and Wren - I can't thank you enough for trusting Ruben and me with your wedding day photos. I hope you LOVE them as much as I loved taking them.  You are amazing friends and I'm SO happy we're in the same city! Now let's get dinner together!