Birthday Love. Hokie Love.

Hokie Love.  Enough said. <3

Birthday Love.

Two of my best friends in the whole wide world share the same birthday.  Crazy, right!?  I think it's awesome.  So here's to you two.

We made Rachel a bowl of ice cream and cake in one (Turkey Hill Party Cake Ice Cream - SO YUM).

My sister-in-law Jenny.  This wasn't actually taken on her birthday...I just like the picture. :)

It has been a long long day.  4 hours of driving on I95 that should have been 1, a broken phone, and my signalblinker stopped working (I think), but it has been smooth sailing compared to 4 years ago.  I feel so fortunate to have such simple problems.  I wish for all of you simple problems and the ability to remember that we all have a lot to be thankful for.

Happy Birthday to Jenny and Rach.  You two are so beautiful.  I love you!