Bubbles are magic

We'll be going back in time on the blog for the next few days.  I guess that's what happens when life gets packed full of awesome, happy events. Father's day was a couple of weekends ago.  Ruben and I drove up to D.C. to visit his dad and then we stopped by my parents house for a quick dinner with my family.  Ever since my nephew, Charlie, was born I have been unable to resist spending 99% of my time at family gatherings taking pictures of him.  What can I say!? I adore the boy.  Plus, he's preeeeetty photogenic.

This is my brother's 3rd year celebrating Father's day as an ACTUAL dad.  I gotta say, he's pretty good at this whole being a dad thing.  He celebrated by blowing bubbles with Jenny and Charlie, and Charlie was completely enthralled with the bubbles. But then again, who ISN'T totally enthralled by bubbles? Am I right?? Am I?? I am.

I love that all three of them are in this picture.  Even more than that, I love Charlie's face.

But this is my favorite picture of the night.  My dad and me. We attempted a self-portrait...

... but then, luckily, Ruben came to the rescue and snagged this photo for us.  I love this one too.

Thanks, Dad, for everything you do for me.  I'm SO lucky to have a dad that loves me and supports me and believes in me, no matter what.  I love you so much!!!!  Happy Father's Day (again)! :)