Butterflies in My Stomach

Hi Friends! I have been completely MIA from my blog for almost a whole month! I got crazy busy, and I totally failed when it came to keeping up with everything AND my blog. Oh well! I guess being a better blogger has made it onto my list of 2012 goals. :)

So...I have about 100 butterflies in my stomach right now. I have been working for the last month or so on a pretty big project and the big project's day is finally almost here. There are so many wonderful people involved and I want everything to be perfect! These few sentences don't really explain what's going on....and I'm pretty much bouncing off my chair while I hold myself back from typing out every little detail right now...Ah! I will share each and every tiny detail as soon as I can. Goodness gracious I'm excited (and nervous!).

On another completely unrelated note, I've been absolutely loving the gorgeous warm weather we've been having. Today's weather isn't so great, but it does remind me of my recent trip to Seattle to shoot Chris & Christine's wedding. That was fun.

I'll be back soon! And I'll bring lots of pretty decorations for the blog!