Canoeing Was Fun Six Years Ago, Too

Yesterday I canoed down the James River with Ruben.  It was fun.  I sat in the front and tried to steer the canoe through raging rapids (I might be exaggerating about the size of the rapids...maybe just a little...) despite my efforts to convince Ruben that the person sitting in the back of the canoe is supposed to steer.  Of course he knew of this steering standard, but decided it would be more way more fun to insist that I take charge.  No worries, I am a master canoe steer-er now.  Thanks, Rubes. :) These pictures aren't from yesterday.  They aren't even from this year.  They are from the summer of 2005, and spending an entire morning in a canoe with Ruben yesterday brought me to these photos today.  We were on Lake Winnipesaukee at the house of some really close family friends (one of my top five favorite places to be with my friends and family).

We look young and happy.  Apparently we thought we were very funny. And I had short hair that wouldn't stay in a ponytail.  Oh happy day. :)

Thanks, Mom, for snagging these pictures of us 6 years ago.  I'm glad I have these.