Chris + Christine are Married! | Seattle, WA

This is a big post/moment for me, and I wrote a lot.  Thanks for reading. :) Last year, not long after I first launched my blog, I received the sweetest comment on a Facebook post from Christine.  It read, "I wish you lived closer so you could shoot my wedding!!!" Living closer would have meant that I lived on the west coast (Seattle!!!) not Virginia - so me being in a position to shoot my friend's wedding was not likely, but I took a deep breath and decided to step out on a limb. After all, I'd never been to the west coast before, and when better than to visit than this? I emailed Christine and told her I would be honored to fly to Seattle to capture her wedding day, that is, if she was crazy enough to hire someone who hadn't shot a wedding before. Ever. I hit send and then promptly forgot about it, because in my mind there was really no chance she would be interested.  When I got her response I stopped breathing for a second.  Her response was, "Yay! I was secretly hoping you would say that!" .............Say what!?!?

I immediately thought to myself, WHAT have I gotten myself into!? I didn't have any wedding experience and here I was committing to shooting a friend's wedding IN SEATTLE! I voiced my concerns and she responded with, "I trust you." Okay. Wow. It is hard to describe how I felt. Honored, nervous, excited, a little scared, and more. But most of all I was ready to work my tail off. I knew I couldn't let her - or myself - down.

Over the next 6 months I 2nd shot with many amazing photographers who graciously answered my many questions. I was supported by my friends and family in every way possible.  I've shared those experiences with all of you through this blog, and your comments and feedback have been integral in helping me grow as a photographer and business owner. To all of you who read my ramblings and viewed my photos, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, and thanks again.

Six months flew by and October 19th finally arrived. As I was boarding the plane for Seattle, I remember thinking, "Wow. I am here. I am doing this.  This is crazy! I am so happy." And then I proceeded to stress out like crazy about flying across the country with all of my gear - a story for another day - thank goodness for my sweet, level-headed husband. (Thank you Rubes! :)

Thank you for reading my novel.  It has been a wild six months, and I had a lot to say. But here we go...enough about me. Christine and Chris got married!!

Seattle isn't exactly known for its sunshine.  I knew this before I even stepped onto the plane. I knew this, yet I still kept expecting to wake up each morning to find golden sunlight streaming through our hotel windows. Did this happen? Nope. We all crossed our fingers and hoped that we'd get lucky on the wedding day. Instead we woke to find the sky thick with clouds and the windows spotted with raindrops, Seattle's own brand of beauty, and began the day with a celebratory toast.

Christine kept her jewelry very simple, and her bridesmaids wore jewelry handmade by Christine's maid of honor, Lauren. :)

The flowers in Seattle are indescribable. Pike's market, which was just a few blocks away from our hotel, was overflowing with a never ending supply of the most exquisitely perfect blooms.  I was especially drawn to the dahlias. Look! It's amazing. Not a single petal out of place or discolored. It is perfect!

It is hard to beat the classic beauty of a solitaire.

Christine's dress on display for the streets of Seattle. :)

Chris and Christine opted for a First Look, where they choose to see each other prior to the ceremony - just the two of them.  I think First Looks are wonderful -- an enthralling moment that floats in slow motion on a day that whirls by in the blink of an eye. Christine scoped out a small park about a block from the venue.  She described it as a secret oasis of green trees and waterfalls hidden within the city streets of Seattle. And it was.

Christine, you're so gorgeous!!!

Hello, Seattle! Thanks for ending the rain for the walk back to the venue!

Against the odds, Seattle delivered, and we ended up with a crisp blue sky just prior to the start of the ceremony. Hooray!

This venue had so much character.  It used to be an open air alley, but at some point was closed in to create this space.

Here she comes. :)

Married at last!!!

The rain had stopped, at least for the time being, so we rushed up to the rooftop for some portraits with the Seattle skyline. I'm so happy this worked out because rooftop portraits was one of the very first things Christine mentioned to me when she was describing the venue to me back in March. Yay!

Any girl that likes to twirl totally gets me. Love your twirly dress, Christine!! :)

This photo makes me happy.

Christine's maid of honor, Lauren. :) You might recognize her because she was one of MY maid's of honor as well. (She also made the bridesmaid's jewelry!) We love you, Lauren!

Christine and Chris, I cannot even begin to thank you enough. Thank you for giving me a reason to visit the west coast for the FIRST time.  Thank you for including me in all of the pre-wedding festivities (bachelorette party awesomeness!).  Thank you for sharing your city with me. Thank you for supporting me and my crazy, now-six-month-old idea to start a photography business - best decision ever.  Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for being amazing friends. I hope these photos are everything you hoped for, and more.

Until next time, Seattle... :)