Back in March, or maybe it was April, I went to Bryan Park to scout the area for good spots for the shoot I was going to be doing with Mason & Alleigh.  Russ (my brother), Jenny (sister-in-law), and Charlie came too and I snagged a few photos of Charlie while we were there (duhhhhhh...he is SO darned cute.  It's impossible not to take pictures of him!). He walked and walked and walked.  He looked under bushes, checked behind trees, pointed out all of the planes that flew overhead, and made sure we were all learning just as much about our surroundings as he was.  I've been meaning to share these pictures for a while now.  I love his facial expressions.  Ultimate concentration while examining the water from above on the bridge, and wonder/amazement when he gets his little sneakers wet.

Love you, Charlie. :)