Dear Charlie, I-could just-gobble-you-up! Love, Aunt NeNe

Not even 2-years old and he is the master of manipulation.  He knows to say "please" and he knows that if he says "pleeeeeeease" with a smile on his face while looking right into your eyes that you have no chance.  At least thats how it works on Grandma and Aunt NeNe (Charlie's version of "Stephanie").  Like I've said before, I'm totally swept by this little boy beyond any description.  Here is the rest of our cookie-baking-bathtime-playing day with Charlie.  Prepare to have your heart melted...(says the biased Aunt NeNe). Charlie 2895

It is time for breakfast and I'm doing my best to distract by encouraging Charlie to pay attention to me and my camera rather than his oatmeal.

Charlie 2896

Breakfast at Grandma's house is often more about a show than it is about eating.  Charlie does an impeccable imitation of a chipmunk...or a fish...either way - he is quite proud of himself.

Charlie 2899

Charlie 2902

Time start baking!

Charlie 2962

Charlie insisted on a better view...

Charlie 2924

Charlie 2946

Charlie 2926

Charlie 2948

Charlie 2953

That was messy.


Grandma's house doesn't have nearly as many cool bathtime toys, but we did have three rubber duckies.  Rubber duckies rock.

Charlie 2986

Charlie 2991

Dad made Charlie a mohawk.  He can totally pull it off.

Charlie 3017

Look at the way Charlie looks at Mom.  I know Jenny is blurry - but I still love this picture.

Charlie 3029

I leave you with a taste of spring since we won't have it around for the next couple of days, ho hum...

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