It has been a whole year..., it has been OVER a year, since I had my very first family session (by accident...oops!).  So much has changed since then!!!  Mainly -- I started a photography business!! (That still kind of blows my mind. But it's true! And I LOVE IT!) Also, I don't over saturate my images anymore (phew! I bet you're glad that phase is over!), I shoot entirely in manual (yay!), I shoot in RAW (sweeeeeet!), and I don't edit using iPhoto (double triple quadruple hooray!!).  I also am slowly, but surely, building up my own inventory of equipment, building my brand (ohhh I can't wait to reveal my new branding...all in good time), and booking new brides of my very own! All of which deserves a solid HIP HIP HOORAY! Some things haven't changed though.  Russ and Jenny are still a ridiculously attractive couple, Charlie's cuteness still trumps the cuteness of 99.9999% of all kids ever (Aunts are allowed to say biased stuff like that - so there!), and I am still beyond thrilled and amazed that I started down this crazy road of starting my own photography business.  I never would have even know it was something I wanted to do if it hadn't been for the random photo session I did with my incredible family last summer.

One year after our impromptu photo session we ended up back at the beach, and of course we had to get out and repeat the craziness of the previous year. I think we may have a tradition on our hands!!!

We went out early in the morning on our last Saturday at Emerald Isle, NC (aka the best. beach. ever.) in order to claim a beachy backdrop that was as empty as possible. Russ, Jenny, and Charlie spent an hour roaming the beach, splashing in the waves, indulging Charlie's love for jumping, and his knowledge that if he counts to three - someone will throw him up in the air (and catch him!).

The weather was perfection, but the sky couldn't decide if it wanted to be clear, partly cloudy, or all the way cloudy, and the light was CRAZY!  I swear it looks like some of the pictures were taken on a completely different day and not just in the span of an hour, but that's the beauty of natural light. :)

Okay, enough! I've got a case of the ramblings! On to Russ, Jenny, and Charlie. Woohoo!


According to Charlie, wind making Jenny's hair go everywhere = hilarious.

Charlie snuck one of his rarely seen expressions into the background of this picture.  I think his "Hrumph. Pay attention to me!" face is the greatest.  (Again, Aunts are allowed a certain amount of biased. :)

And a big cloud rolls in...

...and rolls out again!

Charlie chased the birds, and a really big cloud with a really big shadow chased Charlie.


Jenny - you are stunningly beautiful.

Favorite! :)

What are you laughing at, Charlie??

Oh I see. You're laughing at your parents pretending to surf.  Yeah, that's pretty funny.

Sneak attack from Mom and Dad!!!

CHEESEBURGER! (Charlie's version of "Cheese!")

Russ and Jenny --

Thank you for all of the support you've shown me over the past year.  I have you to thank for my new direction.  I can't wait until next year when we do it again!! Charlie is going to look so much OLDER -- ahh! Scary. Okay, I'm ending this now because all I can think about is how quickly he's growing!  He WILL stay little forever!!! :)

Love you both so much!!!