Flattered, excited, and a wee bit nervous

I recently gushed about an opportunity I had snagged to 2nd shoot a wedding with the ever-fabulous Paul Barrios.  I promised I would follow-up with details (and photos!), so here goes. What. A. Day.  It was a LONG day for me, and I loved every minute.  My alarm went off at 7:00am and I was on the road to Bowie, MD by 7:30.  But the drive from Richmond to Bowie is only 2 and 1/2 hours!  Why in the world did you leave so early!?  If you have any experience with the stretch of I-95 between Richmond and Washington D.C. you know that google maps "predicted" time is just that - a prediction - and a very rough one at that.  I take punctuality pretty seriously (unless I'm meeting friends for dinner - sorry Rach and Em...), so I decided to give myself a four-hour window to accommodate for unexpected traffic delays.  Naturally, since I gave myself such a huge buffer there was no traffic and I ended up in Bowie with about 2 hours to spare.  Lucky for me, I found a well-stocked shopping center in which to kill some time.  After a hearty Panera U-Pick-2 (Tomato Bisque & Sierra Turkey Sandwich....drool), I met up with Paul at the Starbucks.  We chatted for a while about business, life, photography, etc, and just generally got to know each other.  It was really nice to have this chance since there wasn't a whole lot of time for that once the wedding was rolling.

We headed over to the beautiful and extremely relaxed bride's house and the fun began.  Paul got detail shots of the shoes, bouquet, Kristine getting her make-up done, etc.  I followed him around, observing, grabbing different lenses for him when needed, and tried to absorb every moment, detail, and action.  Then Paul turns to me and says, "Your turn."  I say, "My turn?"  He replies, "Yep - get as creative as you like." (Sorry, Paul if I'm not quoting you exactly right...=)  Wow.

It was like this all night.  I watched.  I asked questions.  I listened.  I switched lenses for Paul and held soft boxes on light stands.  I practiced.  I watched.  I smiled.  I asked more questions.  I listened some more.  I smiled some more (I smile a lot).  I practiced again.  I asked more questions.  I hugged the bride.  I rocked on the dance floor between shots.  I laid on the ground.  I stood on chairs.  I learned.  I had fun.

Here are some of the results of my long, tiring, and nothing-short-of-wonderful day 2nd shooting with Paul Barrios.

I still have so much to learn, and that will never change, but after spending 9 hours learning from Paul, I feel even more inspired.

Paul, thank you so much for trusting me to support you and represent your business - especially when all you had to go by was the email I sent you and this blog.  I cannot wait for the next time I am lucky enough to work with you.  You are incredibly talented and I'm happy to now be able to call you my friend.

I'm also excited to share that I will be 2nd shooting another wedding this weekend, locally, with Mr. Bob Schnell!  I met Bob at a photographer's GTG ("get together" for those of you who, like me, didn't know what GTG stood for) put together by Dave Abel.  I remember being pretty nervous about crashing the party of these experienced photographers who were just getting together to relax and enjoy the company of friends, but as soon as I walked up, Bob introduced himself, along with the other amazingly talented photographers present (the lovely Tiffani Sunshine, and Asim Soofi), and I felt like I was among friends.  Now, over a month later I have the opportunity to work with and learn from one of the many friends I made that night.

Bob, I'm SO excited.  I'm honored that you chose me to give you the support needed from an assistant/2nd shooter.  Thanks and see you tomorrow!