Foulball Birthday

A couple of weekends ago my nephew Charlie turned 2! We played putt-putt, had Mexican for dinner, and it was a grand 'ol time, but the fun wasn't over yet!!! That Saturday was the Flying Squirrels baseball game celebration (yay!!!). I love going to baseball games.  I grew up with an older brother (hey Russ!) who was a baseball nut, so now I love having baseball games on TV in the background.  The sound of a baseball game is comforting.  I'm not very good at watching baseball games (especially on TV), but the chances are much higher than I won't be watching the game at all when my nephew is nearby.

Charlie's friend, Bryce, came to the game to celebrate with Charlie and they thought giving each other high-fives and fist bumps was incredibly hilarious...which it kind of was.

You know how foul balls go flying in to the stands and there is a crazy mad rush by all of the fan to try to be the one to "win" the ball?  I don't think I've ever been so near the madness of that kind of event before.  My dad flew out of his seat SO fast and ended up beating one of my brother's friends to the ball by just an INCH.  Either way, I think Charlie would've ended up with a birthday baseball, but it's pretty cool that it was "caught" by Pawpaw (how Charlie says "Grandpa" right now).  Jenny got everyone to sign it with a sharpie.  Preeeetty cool little souvenir.

And check out this gorgeous little lady.  What do you think, Charlie?  Future girlfriend?  She might have to compete with Miss Avery Parr... =)


What can I say?  I'm a sucker for my family.   I love you family!