Hangin' with the boys.

I spent the day with my dad, brother, and husband who were moving a bunch of gigantic shelves.  My goal was to provide the use of my extreme strength to the endeavor, but it turns out that even my guns couldn't handle those mammoth shelves.  Therefore I was pretty much no help whatsoever.  Lucky for me, I brought my camera with me and spent the day playing.

You can tell my eyes are closed in the last picture.  The sun and I haven't spoken in a while - I've been giving it the cold shoulder all winter - and it got back at me by making me feel so incredibly tired.  When I took that picture, I had laid myself down on a rocky driveway with all sorts of pokey rocks in my back.  But I was so warm and so tired that I didn't care at all.  There were only two things that kept me from falling asleep right then and there: (1) I was determined to keep taking pictures so that eventually I don't have to think at all about whether the shutter speed is too fast or slow or whether I should adjust the aperture to get the right depth of field, I can just trust my skills; and (2) I felt really guilty about lying down while the boys were 20 feet away lugging huge shelves from truck to storage room without any assistance from this girl.  Either way, I rarely take self-portraits that I like, but I like this one.  So I guess the sun and I are super tight again - just in time for the best weather of the year.