Happy Birthday, Daddy!

So Dad, this is a day late, and you already know why, since you were so readily available to help Ruben and me figure out how to get ourselves un-stranded after Ruben's oh-so-sweet 2003 Malibu decided to call it quits.  Had we been able to make it to Easter dinner, we would have arrived with a bottle of your favorite - Legend Brown Ale, and an invitation to join us for dinner at Legend Brewery this week. So instead, we'll do it this way...

Happy Birthday Dad!! You and Mom are invited to join your super-sweet daughter (that's me!) and your son-in-law (Rubes!) for dinner at Legend's Brewery.  I hope you're hungry and thirsty!

To all of you out there without some sort of roadside assistance - I urge, beg, and beseech you to consider picking some up.  Maybe everyone isn't as adept at creating car issues as I am (I like to lock my keys in my car - really - I think I must subconsciously think it is something *fun* to do!), but no one can avoid the random car breakdown.  Even if you have to wait three hours for a tow (that's what happens when you break down on Easter...sigh), at least you know you have a ride!

Thanks again for helping us out, Dad.  I love you!