I am falling apart.

I am a classic schlemiel, or in other words a huge klutz.  See for yourself! The definition from the extremely reputable dictionary.com...

I'm referring mainly to definition 1, although sometimes I must admit I have my Charlie Brown moments.  Tonight I have managed to fall up the porch stairs, which resulted in a pretty colorful bruise on my shin and a raspberry on each of my big toes, and cut my finger on the edge of a pot while I was attempting to clean up dinner dishes.  High Five!

Keeping my fingers crossed that good karma will continue to smile upon me and only serve up minor injuries instead of major catastrophes.

Are you a klutz too?  Show me some love, so I know I'm not all alone... :)

On a different, much happier and excited note, I got to shoot Sam Dugger's 1 year old pictures today.  He is such a stud.  Sneak peek will be coming soon!!!