I'm still pretty slow...

...when it comes to editing (but I LOVE the process!), so I'm still working on photos I thought I'd be done with by now.  However, that is not the case!  That's okay! :)  I will get faster the more I do it - that must be where that silly saying "Practice Practice Practice...!" comes from. One of the reasons I like editing so much is the whole time I am making changes to the photo (lighting, shadows, color, white balance, or whatever other TLC the photo may need), I get to stare into the big 'ol baby blues of this handsome fella.

Is he not make-your-heart-melt cute???

Coming up very soon is the handsome Mason and the adorable Alleigh.  Here's a little peek!!! :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

EDIT:  While looking over this post today (Wednesday), I noticed that I accidentally uploaded the wrong image of Mason and Alleigh!  The image I uploaded yesterday was over-sharpened, and their poor faces had a grainy look.  That's what I get for playing around with different editing features and failing to keep track of my original edits vs. my "let's experiment" edits!  In the *new* image above, Alleigh and Mason should look a little less grainy and more like the natural beauties that they are.