It isn't over yet.

My weekend that is. This has been one PACKED weekend!  We drove down to Charlotte on Friday night so we could spend some time with our friends that still live down there before going to Cassie & Joel's wedding on Sunday.  The wedding was amazing.  Cassie looked absolutely incredible.  Plus I got to spend a few minutes chatting with their photographer, Jenna, of Red, White, & Green Photography,  and she is so super chill.  Not to mention she takes gorgeous photos.  I'm so glad I met her.

My best friend, Lauren, lives down in Charlotte and I definitely don't get to see her enough.  Lauren actually moved down to Charlotte when Ruben and I still lived down there and was roommates with us for a while.  So at one point in my life I was getting to see her everyday!  Now we have to squeeze visits in when we can.  She makes awesome banana bread and Ruben and I got to eat it for breakfast today before our long drive back to Richmond.  I miss you already, Lauren!!!

Now that I'm home, I'm getting ready to go second shoot an impromptu wedding (the wedding isn't impromptu, of course!  Just the fact that I'm 2nd shooting) with Peter Davis of Peter & Sarah Davis Photography!  I'm so excited.  The bride and groom are having a quick ceremony here in Richmond, and then Peter is going with them to FRANCE in July to shoot their wedding in Paris...*faint*

Okay - I'm off to finish getting ready, then to the 2nd wedding of the weekend I go!!! Yay!