It's ME! And my skirt.

You don't have to know me for very long to discover that I like flowy things and twirling (my wedding dress, for example, was chosen largely based on its "twirl factor" - I mean come on, a dress that is twirl-able is SO MUCH FUN to dance in!). Well, I have had this crazy, flowy, green skirt for years and I have always been in love with it. Sadly, its really thin and delicate fabric is starting to get old and it might not have too many years left of twirling. So I decided to get my husband, Ruben, to take some portraits of me at Emerald Isle this year wearing my most favorite, bright green, perfect-for-twirling skirt. Alright, I didn't do these portraits just to immortalize my skirt (not gonna lie though, skirt immortalized = best idea ever...Hmm, it seems I am quite the nerd), but also to practice being in front of the camera and just to have a couple of decent photos of me at 25 (I was still 25 then...just BARELY!). I have always been a bit of a ham in front of a camera -- I guess that's what happens when you grow up with the never-ending desire to get on a stage to dance and sing in front of strangers -- but lately I've been almost exclusively behind the lens. It was so much fun, and Ruben kicked my session's butt, don't you agree?

Thank you, Ruben!! I love these photos (and you) so much. :)

Happy twirling everyone!!! (Admit love twirling, too!)