It's my birthday!....month!

No it isn't my birthday.  My birthday isn't until the END of August.  However, I LOVE birthdays so very much that I start getting the wiggles on the first of the month.  I don't love birthdays because of presents (although presents of all shapes, sizes, and colors are fantastically fun and I must admit that I rather enjoy opening packages with rainbow-colored wrapping paper and family and friends know me so well).  I love birthdays because EVERYONE HAS ONE.  Everyone!  I know that to some people...that isn't such a good thing...but no one can prevent a birthday from coming, so we might as well celebrate, right!? Right.  I'm glad you agree. This year is my special birthday year.  I'm turning 26 on the 26th!  I're probably what?? Call me crazy, but I love that little detail about my birthday this year.  It only happens ONCE!

Wanna see what I looked like 10 years ago!?  Okay...I'll show you!

Not much different, huh?  By the way, that's my grandpa, who was the greatest grandpa ever.  He passed away at 94, but would be 100 now.  Happy belated Grandpa. :)  That's my grandma on the right...she's still a live wire at 95 years old, soon to be 96.

I did have super short hair at one point.  What can I say...I get bored with my hair and chop it all off...since, you know, it grows back. :)

Yes that is a Halloween picture.  My friend is a smurf and is giving us an "air hug" so he doesn't get blue paint on us, and I am a christmas tree!  My star topper had broken off, so I was holding it onto my headband with my finger.  I've been a christmas tree for Halloween twice, and have been informed by my friends that I have to come up with NEW costumes each year.  I say dressing up like a christmas tree rocks.

Geez this is a random post.

Long story is my birthday MONTH and I'm very happy about that.

P.S. I shot a very sweet 40th anniversary vow-renewal yesterday and will have photos up soon! :)  Here is a quick peek!

Happy Monday everyone!