Jeremiah's Baby Shower

Jeremiah is on his way.  He is almost here! In just a few short weeks (or maybe even SOONER!! =) my friend Shatema will have her third. Amazing.  I can barely contain my excitement for her, her fiance, Frank, and her two little ones Zion and Amor...not to mention the rest of her friends and family who showed up to celebrate with contagious enthusiasm. And Shatema, I know you don't believe me (or anyone for that matter!), but you are seriously without-a-doubt one of the most beautiful people I know.

See? Told you are breathtaking.

The shower was put on and organized by these two lovely ladies, and as soon as I remember what their business name is I'll post it - figures that when I'm finally writing this post I can't find where I wrote it down and it is just on the TIP of my tongue...grrr!

Everything was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere oh-so-festive.  I'm so happy I got to be there. =)

There was some pretty intense concentration during the games.

The shower was a little too intense for Frank.  So he grabbed a little shut-eye.  Typical guy. (hehe j/k, Frank =)

GORGEOUS family!!!!

Listening for little Jeremiah....

Shatema, thank you for letting me spend the day with you and your amazing family.  Jeremiah is so lucky to have such a caring family to welcome him into the world.  I can't wait to meet him!!!