Lauren + Brandon | Engaged!!!

I'm not even sure where to begin with this post.  I can tell you right now that I posted WAY too many images.  It took me a looooong time to get them all into this post ( isn't the most photographer-friendly blog), but I just COULDN'T resist!  I had so much fun on this shoot with Lauren and Brandon.  They are super chill, relaxed, goofy, and just all around happy people, and it shows in every single picture.  They are getting married in DISNEYWORLD (Yep!!!) in January, and I'm ridiculously honored to be traveling with them to capture the day.

We traveled up Route 301 to Kelly's Country Store, which is near the Hanover County Courthouse, for their engagement shoot.  I used to come to Kelly's to get ice cream from the owner, Billy, and it was the greatest.  A giant cup full for a buck fifty.  Can't beat that!  (Sidestory! When I stopped in a couple of days before the shoot to make sure he didn't have any objections to us having the shoot there, he treated me to a cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  It was aaaaah-mazing and I felt like a kid again. :))  You should go and meet Billy and have some ice cream.  You'll feel like a kid again, too.

I couldn't get a full shot of the store's sign because of the way the trees were positioned, so here's an abstract version, which I think looks prettyyyyyy, prettyyyyyyyyyyyy, pretttttttttttty, pretty good.


Okay, onwards to the reason you are all here...LAUREN & BRANDON!!!

I've got to say again how much fun I had with these two.  They are so comfortable with themselves, as individuals and as a couple, and it makes being around them feel like you're among old friends. I'm so happy to know them, and I can't wait till January!!  Enjoy. :)

Get ready for this awesomeness.  Bride and groom Mickey Mouse ears!!! YES!!! :)

 Lauren and Brandon, thank you so much for such an enjoyable and unforgettable evening.  I am so honored that you choose me to capture these special events.  I can't wait for Disney!!!