Lauren + Brandon | Married! | Disney Destination Wedding

Lauren and Brandon did me a high honor by not only trusting me to shoot their engagement photos very early on in the life of my business, but they also decided to trust their wedding day photos to DISNEY WORLD! I was absolutely floored when Lauren asked me if I'd fly to Orlando with them to capture their wedding day. Would I!? I didn't even have to skip a beat before I told her how excited I was, and proceeded to book my flight. :) Florida in January? Yes, please. :)

January 16th was absolute perfection. Clear blue skies...not too hot...not too cold...and Lauren and Brandon had finally arrived at the wonderful world of Disney to tie knot and begin their lives together.

Lauren - your eyes are incredible!!

Brandon + father, like son.

Time to get married!!

The window at the end of the aisle was an actual magnifying glass!! When you stood at the back of the room the castle was big, but when you walked close to the window it appeared to get further and further away.  Crazy!

In Disney World, a Majordomo presents the rings during the ceremony.  The groom is typically kept in the dark about this surprise, and when the Best Man is unable to produce the rings, the groom momentarily thinks the rings are missing....which is why, in the left picture above, Brandon looks a little confused and Lauren is all smiles. :)

Married at last! Yay!!!

We managed to snag a couple photos before we lost the sun for the evening! We only had a few minutes, but I'd say that in those few minutes the sunset delivered.

I love this one...nothing but happiness.

The celebrating continued in one of Disney's Grand Floridian magnificent ballrooms. :)

Brandon loves pirates...LOVES them, so Lauren surprised him with a Pirates of the Carribean themed groom's cake.

Lauren & Brandon - I hope your fairy tale Disney wedding was everything you dreamed of, and hopefully these photos will help you relive each moment for years. I cannot thank you two enough for your trust, hospitality, and friendship.  See you in April for Kristin & Kent's wedding (their engagements are coming soon!!!). Hugs!

...and they lived happily ever after...(I had to say it :)