Little things

So this is my first morning "off the summer break" and it comes one week earlier than most teachers in the area because I was part-time.  (Lucky me!) I've been spending my morning cleaning, organizing, and doing laundry.  I'm determined to be productive beyond my wildest dreams every day this summer; after all I have started my own business, so I do have plenty to keep me busy. I have all these big important, lofty goals to work towards throughout the summer, but instead of starting by diving into one of the big goals right away that I have no hope of completing in one day, I decided to complete one of my itsy bitsy ones first:  Taking a picture of our baby tomato plant that has TEN little tomatoes on one vine.

Sounds silly, right?  It isn't much of a goal, right?  You're thinking - HA! - I could do that in a second.  And I'd have to agree with you!  But I find that the little tiny goals often are the ones that slip through the cracks because I keep thinking, "Oh - that'll only take a few minutes...I'll get to it later." And then before I know it, the little tomatoes are fully ripe and ready to eat, or even worse, they are TOO ripe and I didn't even get to eat them, much LESS take a picture of them!  Sad story.

So here's to my overall goal of making sure the "little things" don't slip through the cracks.  Whether they be of lofty importance to many, or simply are important to me for my own inexplicable reasons.

Ruben has turned our porch steps into a thriving vegetable garden. He's pretty good at it. I can't wait eat these guys.