March is a weird month. We say good-bye to winter (peace out!) and hello to spring (!!!).  If only it were that simple.  Every year is the same - the constant swing back and forth between winter weather and spring weather - but it doesn't get any less annoying.  Even though I'm not a big fan of winter, I can usually get through it by focusing on the things that I enjoy about the season, like roaring fires at my parents' house, hot chocolate, egg nog, big pots of chili and brunswick stew, snow days, skiing and snowboarding (even though I've only ever been three times...), and my list for summer would be muuuch longer. So to get through the rest of what is turning out to be a dreary and chilly March, here are a few things I am particularly enjoying.

Future visitors. This bird feeder was here at our apartment when we moved in.  Not sure if it is my neighbor's or if our friends left it here...Either way - it isn't going to be empty for much longer.

Empty Bird Feeder

Bursts of sunlight.  I especially love that they shine through the curtains I made (yes, that I maaaade).

Sunny Day

My husband's cooking.  If you saw the post on Ruben's cooking then you know how lucky I am to be living with an amazing  chef.  Ruben's cooking is one of my favorite things, no matter the season, but this dish Mole Enchiladas, was especially delicious because it was hot and spicy and it was freeeeezing outside.


Homemade Soy Lattes.  Its not really a latte...technically, but it tastes like one and that is good enough for me.  Plus, when I make them at home the soy and coffee make sweet looking layers that I get way more enjoyment out of than I should.  :)

Soy Latte

Sunshine.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day sandwiched between two yucky days.  I spent it at Maymont wandering around looking for good locations for future shoots.  I don't get to Maymont enough.  I'm in love.


Maymont Trees

Happy Spring...Stay Cozy.