Marnie + Ja | Engaged! Monument Ave | Richmond, VA

We checked the weather forecast all week. We emailed back and forth and sung songs of our good weather fortune (...that might have just been me...), because the day we had scheduled the engagement session was the first forecasted sunny/rain free (and warm) day in FOREVER. Well...I think we jinxed ourselves.  It was warm, but it wasn't sunny. Not even a little bit sunny.  That's okay though - the light you get on overcast days is so much more interesting anyway - and it didn't start raining until just after we wrapped the session up!

I've been saving this session until Marnie and Ja had officially tied the knot.  Well, yesterday was the big day and they celebrated their marriage at the gorgeous Keswick Vineyards! I have so many photos to share, but you're going to have to be patient!! :) In the meantime, enjoy these moments from a much warmer fall day than we had yesterday.

Can't you feel fall in this one!? They don't really look cold or anything, but it makes me want to bundle up in mittens, and a scarf and sip on apple cider.

Oh okay, Marnie, just go ahead and put all the rest of us girls to shame with your gorgeousness!

Duncan!!! :) He wasn't very interested in having his picture taken, but that's okay, he's still the coolest chocolate lab I know.

I love Marnie's bike! I had one similar to it when I was a kid, but it was hot pink and had a "banana" seat - remember those? They were so comfortable!

This is Marnie and Ja "fo'real" and therefore these are two of my favorite shots.  :)

"Hello there, fall. Love your boots."

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