Mirrored Mosaics, Harbor Views, & Rocking the Dancefloor

In early July I got up very early one morning and drove from Richmond to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore to meet up with Kelly and Ryan of Kellan Studios.  I was lucky to have had the to chance to assist them at Heather and Paul's June wedding and -- lucky me -- I got to assist them again at Beth and Floyd's wedding - yay! It was hot. Extremely hot.  But everything about this wedding was AMAZING.  They got married on top of this gigantic hill that overlooked the Baltimore skyline, and then had their reception at the American Visionary Arts Museum.   I adore this museum.  It is filled to the brim with funky and unusual works of art -  sculptures, paintings on the ceiling, a school bus that was covered in mirrored mosaics. The place is packed with eccentric personality - just like Beth and Floyd.

Beth and Floyd started with a first look around the corner from the townhouse they rented for the wedding weekend.  (You can rent incredible townhouses for around the same rate as a hotel.  They have SO much more space; take note future Baltimore brides!! :)

We drove over to the museum for Beth and Floyd's private portrait session with Kelly and Ryan.  While Kelly and Ryan are working their magic with the couple I get to bounce around on the outskirts of the action and capture different angles.  Yes, that is my idea of fun. :) I think the giant mirrored mosaic egg was my favorite work at the museum. Awesome dress for twirling!! My favorite kind of dress. Beth's bouquet was nothing but baby's breath.  I haven't met many  brides that choose to do this, but I think it is beautifully simple, and makes quite a statement. This reception was packed with people who rocked the dance floor. Nonstop. Did I mention that this is my kind of wedding? This is so my kind of wedding.  Dancing was mandatory at my wedding and it was at this wedding too.   Beth and Floyd - you're wedding was the bomb.  I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to meet you both and to help capture your wedding day.  Best wishes for many years to come!! P.S. Keep rockin' out to awesome music.

Kelly and Ryan - Working with you two for this wedding and for Heather and Paul's wedding has been a wonderful learning experience.  Any couple fortunate enough to snag your wedding photography services will be beyond satisfied.