Miss me?

I miss you!!! I miss writing and sharing my photos.  I've had such an amazing week in Georgia visiting Ruben's grandparents, but I tell you what - it is hard to blog with spotty internet.  Plus, I was wooed away from my computer by the alternative of getting to hear awesome stories from Ruben's grandparents, fishing in the bass pond (no luck...booooo), checking out all the fruit trees, playing with the dogs, napping on the couch, finding turtles and gigantic spiders, and good - no, excellent - food.

I hope you'll all forgive me for my absence because I have SO MANY AMAZING PICTURES to share from SO many different events (TWO weddings, father's day, my cousins visiting from Wisconsin Minnesota (I get all those states up there mixed up...I know, it's sad), Georgia wildlife, and MORE).  So be patient, there is much to come. :)

It'll have to wait though, because tomorrow we head to one of my favorite places on earth - Gwynn's Island.  I've been going to the island with my bestest, Lauren, and her family since I was eleven years old.  We don't get to meet up on the island very often anymore now that we're "adults" (psssh I'm totally still a kid), but we can always make it for the 4th.  And yeah, I'll have photos from the island, too.

Happy 4th!!!!