New name! Same colors.

So you may have noticed that the blog looks a little bit different than it did the last time you visited.  After thinking it over and talking it over with various people, I've decided to change my business name to Stephanie Yonce Photography. I loved the name Colorburn Photography - it was funky and different!  However, there are already a few companies scattered here and there throughout the country using similar variations on the name.  Still, I wanted a business name and a brand that truly reflected my personality and photography style.  What better to roll with than my very own name that I've had for my entire 25 years of living?

Yonce is my maiden name, and I have always held it very close to my heart.  It too is funky, unique, and yes, sometimes difficult to spell - but we'll manage.

Changing your business name after spending even just a month promoting a different name has some significant, but manageable, challenges.

Challenge #1: Switch my blog to a new domain.

Challenge #2: New logo! Although one day *soon* I will find the money to work with a graphic designer who can really help me put my personality into my logo/website/blog.

Challenge #3:  Get all the lovely, wonderful, supportive people on Facebook that "Liked" my Colorburn Photography page, to go ahead and Re-"Like" my new Stephanie Yonce Photography page.  (Go ahead - you know you want to!)

Of course there are many more, but you don't want to read that!  You want to see pictures!

Well lucky you, because I will have the rest of the Cassie and Joel's Engagement session up by today! Get excited!!!