Triangles Rule, Squares Drool

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are pretty much the epitome of a summertime lunch. Especially when you cut them into triangles.  Triangles >  Clumsy Square (yes that's a "greater than" sign).  Call me crazy, but I'm guessing that most of you agree - even if it does slap a big "I'm totally still a little kid" label across my forehead (I embraced that a long time ago).

I definitely borrowed this idea from Kelle Hampton (that totally sounded like I know her personally).  A dump of my phone photos from the week.  They are super random.  But hey, that's life right?  A whole slew of random.  Any guesses on how old my grandma is? Top right photo...go ahead, take a guess. She looks amazing.

I'm going to go make another PBJ...this one is almost gone.  Happy SUMMER!!!