Putt-Putt Is More Fun When You Don't Follow the Rules

Last Wednesday I got to go play putt-putt with Charlie for his 2nd birthday.  I LOVE putt-putt!  I never play anymore, which is kind of sad, but for some reason we just never choose that off our list of "what should we do today?" activities.

That might have to change, because playing with Charlie is the best.  This is largely because we don't have to follow any of the rules when playing with Charlie.  Here are Charlie's rules:

  • Everyone can hit their ball whenever they want - none of this taking turns, and going in order nonsense.
  • If your ball doesn't go in the hole on the very first hit, it is fair game to be picked up (by Charlie or cousin Caleb), placed in the ball cup, and handed to the original owner.  In my mind, every time this happened, I got a hole in one.  How you ask?? I only hit the ball once, and then Charlie would pick up my ball, put it in the hole, and then bring the "lehloh" (yellow) ball to "Nene" (Stephanie).  Therefore, hole-in-one!
  • The course doesn't necessarily need to played in any particular order.
  • Pretending to throw the balls into the water fountain is a fun way to get the adults to rush around trying to prevent the balls from going swimming.
  • Etc.

Charlie had memorized which color ball belonged to every single person within the first few minutes of playing.  Apparently, the last time he played putt-putt, he was a little bit more focused on the game.  I guess this time he decided to just wing it.  If he is anything like his dad, pretty soon he will be very competitively focused on the game.  So for someone who enjoys lackadaisically enforced rules (me), I'm glad he is throwing caution to the wind for now.

We tried to get a family photo of the birthday boy and his lovely mom and dad, but Charlie wasn't very interested.  Instead he made this face...

He eventually decided a family photo would be okay, but that we'd have to deal with him looking anywhere but at the camera.  You win, Charlie.  It was your birthday after all.

This is what I get for trying to make my turn go faster.  Putt-putt advice: Don't throw the ball...use the putter.

Caleb and Charlie both really wanted to be the one to put the very last golf ball down the hole of the last hole (or is it green...tee...section...I don't know), so my brother, Russ, got them to share (something he probably wouldn't have done with me when we were little kids...hehe j/k! =).

We went to a flying squirrels game this past Saturday to celebrate Charlie's birthday again (yes, again! =). There will be more soooooon!