Rachel + Grant + Evan (almost!)

See that smiling girl? That's Rachel, one of my best friends in the whole word (she's also my cousin! :), and now she is a pregnant with a little turtle named Evan.  :) Isn't she the cutest?

Evan will be here in just a few more short weeks!!! I know I've got nothing on Mommy and Daddy, but I love him so much already. :)

These two are going to make the most amazing parents. I'm so glad they are going first so I can learn from them and bombard them with questions when Ruben and I decided to have kids (...in about 50 years....haha just kidding, Mom!).

This is one of my favorites....all smiles. :)

Giggling is good. :)

Hugs are even better than giggles.

Rachel & Grant - I can't wait to meet Evan. You three are amazing, and I hope you know how many people you've inspired. Love you so much. :)