Rearranging & Rainbows

I have been spending a lot of time sitting my couch staring at my computer screen.  I know this is inevitable since much of my daytime work is now working this blog (that I love =), editing photos (which I love even more), emailing, researching, etc.  Ya get the point?  Reading about the office make-over of the lovely Katelyn James (which was recently featured in PPA! Congrats, Katelyn!!) made me so wish I had a comfy space to work, instead of my couch (don't get me wrong, I LOVE my couch - but most couches don't really inspire me to sit with good posture...).

SO I spent yesterday rearranging my bedroom.  Now my desk is next to a gigantic window, and I can gaze at the birds that have made their home in a hanging basket on our front porch instead of a white empty wall. Yay!  Now if you think I'm going to post pictures of my new "office" you are mistaken.  Maybe one day when I have a super-cute and majorly impressive before & after to unveil.

Moving on...!

How many of you out there are using Pinterest?  I use it in great sporadic bursts.  I need to figure out a way to remember that I have it so I can use it more often!  In a nutshell, Pinterest helps you save images that you like, love, inspire you, etc to different boards that you can categorize however you want.  It is sooo much fun, and a little bit addicting (hence the reason my sporadic use comes in bursts).  My faaaaaavorite board that I have created is my "Love affair with the color rainbow" board.  If you haven't been able to tell by my brand favorite color is rainbow. :)

My most recent "pin" is this incredibly beautiful shot.  I want to go to there.

Okay - I'm done rambling.  Happy WEDNESDAY!