Remember when?

I can still remember so clearly when I finally mastered riding a two-wheeler bike all by myself.  It was the best. I was finally able to keep up with my brother and the other kids in the neighborhood, because lets face it - even if you have super strength legs, you can only go but so fast on a bike that has training wheels on it.  We used to live in the city and so we were only allowed to ride up and down one street (sounds boring, but it wasn't!), and when I still had training wheels on I couldn't keep up at all - so when I was going down the street, they were going up the street, and so on and it was just BORING riding around by myself. My brother and sister-in-law recently had a cookout at their house in celebration of the beginning of BEAUTIFUL weather, and my mom and I were treated to a showcase of newly acquired skills by Jenny's 4-year-old nephew.

We had heard that Alexander had learned something important that day, but when asked by my mom and I what that was he simply shrugged and buried his head on his dad.  My mom, who secretly knew he was only going to be shy for a second, asked again.  This time we were met with a confident look and "Come on! I'll show you!" and he walked out the front door, pulling Dad along behind him.

He waits patiently as Dad straps on his helmet, and glances up a bit nervously at my mom and me.

I'm sure I'm not helping to calm his nerves with the sound my rapid-fire photo-taking, but I can tell he is feeling confident and is ready to roll.

Alexander and Dad roll out to the street, and Dad helps him to find a steady balance on the bike with only TWO wheels.  And after only a quick push...

...he is OFF! Concentrating on keeping balance, looking ahead, and pedaling all at once can make fools out of the best of us, but not this BMX Bike Pro.

I think it goes without saying that my mom and I were quite impressed.

Way to go, Alexander!! You'll be showing your little brother the ropes before you know it.