Present Wrapping Champion + Ruffles in a Tree

Greetings friends! I went on a blogging hiatus for the month of December, but I am pumped, thrilled, and tapping my toes to be back at it! December was a big swirling ball of non-stop motion. It was awesome. In December I completed a major project I was working on with a dear friend and will be sharing the images from the big day with all of you THIS WEEK! Ahhhh so excited! :) I also wrapped presents as a sort of side-job (that's right I got PAID to wrap presents), and you'll never believe this, but I wrapped over 200 gifts and made out without getting a SINGLE solitary paper cut. I'm that good. Plus the presents were pretty darn cute. Did I think to take any pictures of my gorgeous masterpieces? No, of course not! Well, I'm sure you all know what a wrapped present looks like.  Just take that pictures in your head and multiply it by one very sparkly rainbow and you'll have a perfect picture of what my wrapping looks like! Hehe...just kidding!

I ended December by spending as much time as possible with my family, and then traveling to New Orleans on New Year's Eve with Rubes to see the Hokies eventually fall to Michigan in the Sugar Bowl...(You were robbed Danny Coale...That was an AMAZING catch!!). A sad, and hard-to-watch game for Hokies everywhere. Ohhhh well! Time to start a new year. :)

I am also finally going to be sharing images from Marnie & Ja's lovely Keswick wedding, which took place at the end of October. There were unique and  adorable details in every corner. That's what happens when you choose to trust your wedding day to the lovelies at Fete Studios! :)

I will be back soon with sooooo many images, but I leave you now with a sneak peek from my special project. Stay tuned!!!