Sometimes there's nothing like a rainy day.

Sometimes rain makes me feel a little melancholy.  But today, sitting on my rust-colored couch with my super bright new pillows, it is perfect.  The apartment is quiet, and I can hear almost every raindrop.  So here I go - off into the world of blogs.  I'm like the new girl at school who is going to be shy for the first day or two, but will eventually figure out that she is surrounded by people who are a-okay and will have no problem showing off her true colors. I've wanted a way to share the pictures I have taken of people I care about for a while.  My color-filled blog is how I'm going to do it.

Back in August of 2010 I took a bunnnnch of pictures of my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.  The goal was one good picture of them sitting on the beach looking like models (my words, not theirs -  they are gorgeous people!).  Instead, 350+ pictures later, we went inside to get out of the hot sun in which we were all baking because no one put on any sunscreen.  Why didn't we put on any sunscreen?  Because we were only going to take one picture!  Ooooops.

Russ, Jenny, & Charlie

My first set of pictures, and my first attempt at editing in iPhoto.  I love these pictures.  They capture so much love.  The love my brother has for his wife, the love she has for him, the love for their son, Charlie, is practically pouring out of the screen.

Sigh.  These pictures got me through winter, and now the flowers have begun springing up from the ground again, and soon we can all once again melt into the beach.