Sprinklers, Great-Grandma, & Rainstorms

I blogged a single photo from Ruben and Charlie's impromptu sprinkler session a few days ago, and I meant to put this set of pictures on hold and come back to them later, but I just couldn't stay away from them!!!  I mean can you blame me?  Pictures of my best friend (that's you Rubes), and my nephew that I'm slightly obsessed with (are there any other first time aunts out there that can relate??), playing happily in a NEMO sprinkler.  Heart melt.  I know - I'm such a girl. That's okay. Charlie was nervous about the sprinkler at first...

So Ruben showed him how to do it.  Fully dressed.

And then there was no stopping them.

My favorite!!! :)

Charlie is totally in love with Great-Grandma, which is super sweet because he doesn't get to see her as much as he does the rest of his family.

He can still be a little shy around her at first though...

But not for long. :)

All dry and decked out for the Fourth of July!

After a whole afternoon of playing in the sprinkler, we got some pretty serious rain, and of course Charlie wanted to go play in it.  It was pretty dark at this point and I didn't have my flash with me, so this is the best I could do.  Pretty noisy, but I love it.

Happy late 4th of July!