Super dooper excited!!!

Sooo I'm excited.  About what you ask?  Ohhh just my weekend.  This lucky girl is getting to second shoot a wedding tomorrow the talented Paul Barrios!  The wedding is in Bowie, Maryland, so I'll be getting up uber early tomorrow morning to start my drive from Richmond.  It really should only take a couple of hours to get there (traffic shouldn't be too bad on a Saturday morning right??) but I'm going to play it safe and leave with plenty of time to spare.   The last wedding I assisted was at the same place I got married, the Hanover Arts & Activities Center (LOVE this place!), so I was already very comfortable with the venue.  I'm excited for a wedding where I'm not as familiar with the location.  It is going to be a great experience! Check out this photo.  Is it not gorgeous??  Yay! So excited for tomorrow!

I'll let you all know how it goes!