Sarah + Alan | NYC Engagements

Sarah and Alan are getting married next October in Richmond, Virginia, their hometown, but they decided to capture their engagements in New York City where they currently live. We had an amazing day that began with getting lost on the Subway trying to get to Brooklyn (some trains were still closed due to Hurricane Sandy), and ended with late night pizza at Artichoke Pizza. Clearly we didn't shoot for 12 hours, but Sarah and Alan became great friends over the course of the day, and now I'm super sad that we don't live in the same city. I guess we'll just have to visit New York more often - oh darn! :) Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0003

The weather was FREEZING and the clouds were thick, dark, and heavy. The skyline from Brooklyn was half covered in misty clouds, and even though we all had hopes of a sparkling New York City skyline I fell in love with these photos and the foggy blanket that decided to settle on the city that day.

Congratulations Sarah and Alan!! We had such a great time with you two. I am so excited for your wedding!!

Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0005 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0006 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0008 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0007 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0010 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0011 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0012 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0014 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0017 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0018 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0019 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0056 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0055 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0051 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0025 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0024 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0026 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0028 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0029 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0030 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0031 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0032 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0033 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0034 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0035 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0036 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0037 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0038 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0039 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0040 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0042 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0043 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0044 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0045 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0046 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0047 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0049 Sarah_Alan_Engaged_NYC_0050

Hill City Bride | Featured!

I'm so happy to share that my lovely bride, Kate, has her Lynchburg, Virginia bridal session featured on the wonderful Hill City Bride today! :) YAY!!! Thanks so much for the feature, HCB!