Russ + Jenny + Charlie | Emerald Isle 2012

Our family trips to Emerald Isle, NC are my absolute favorite things in life. I love everything about the trip...warm sand during the day, cool sand at night, constant wind and tangled hair, sandy toes, fresh seafood, playing games, and forgetting about everything except family. I wish I could freeze time and make our week at the beach feel like 3 or 4 or maybe we should all just move there... This was the third year I got to take family photos of Russ, Jenny, and Charlie. We were rushing to beat the rain, and the sun stayed well hidden behind the clouds, but it was still just as much fun, and I'm so happy to be able to share these photos with my family.

And also...the next time we do a family session at the beach - there will be FOUR OF THEM!!!!! :) Sorry - the Aunt NeeNee in me just got a little excited.

Charlie took the next two!!!

Um. Hello, perfect throw.

This picture makes me melt. He was just running full speed down the beach, and then POP! this happened.

Love you guys!! Can't wait till next time. :)