Taste the Rainbow

Guess what my favorite color is?  Come on, just guess!  Red? Nope. Blue? Nope. Purple? Green? Yellow? Nope. Nope. Nope. Okay I give up.  What is your favorite color?


Further proof of my love of the color rainbow can be see here, here, and here.

There is just something about all of the colors together at once that really makes me giddy.  Sometimes I try to incorporate as many colors into my outfit as possible, or at least the brightest colors possible because bright colorful things make me happy.  Are any of my fellow readers rainbow lovers like me?  I know at least one is - a fellow photographer in New York.  She did a post about wanting to shoot a rainbow wedding (a sentiment I also have) and I shared my OWN rainbow wedding with her.  She's getting married in September and was on the fence about whether to do a rainbow wedding or not, but not anymore!! Hopefully she'll share some images from her special color-filled day with us once it gets here.

I'm sure everyone has seen this rainbow cake at least one time on the internet.  I adore that cake.

We had a bake sale for my third graders today, and I finally decided to take the plunge into the world of rainbow baking and attempt rainbow cupcakes myself!!   Here is my journey.

I haven't figured out how to take a nice looking "before" picture of all of the needed ingredients that you always see on food blogs.  Oh well - food photography isn't exactly my specialty!

My fiestaware is all different colors (imagine that!).  Doesn't it look goooood!?

All the boring ingredients.  White and/or clear. Laaaame.

The fun colorful ingredients! Yay!

I made a mess while doing the actual mixing of the cupcakes, so no photos exist of that part of the process.  I feared for my camera's life (in other words there was a lot of flying flour).

I'm not very good at keeping the batter inside the paper cups.  Oh well.

Baking!!!  Apparently I over filled the cups a little bit.  After I put them in the oven I re-read the box and it said to fill them halfway.  Whoops!!!

Mega and COLORFUL cupcakes!

Finished product.

Sigh.  I'm in love.

Do you share my love of rainbow colors?  Tell me if you do!!!  There aren't very many of us! :)

Happy Weekend!

Update:  I forgot to post the link to the recipe I used!  This is an adorable food blog.  And I was SO inspired by their gorgeous food photography.