Thanks are in order.

Every time I start a new job I always get super nervous - always.  I'll admit - I'm a bit of an overachiever (my brother can vouch for that...), so I'm always early, always dressed overly professional, always have 4 pens in my purse, 3 extra copies of my resume in my padfolio - yep, and of course, I always have to pee as soon as I walk in the door *dang nerves!* Eventually, I get to know the people I will soon be able to call my friends, whether they are my fellow baristas at a Starbucks in Charlotte, my fellow Yodlers in Charlotte, or my first teacher colleagues at elementary schools 1, 2, & 3 (all three of which have been incredible), I relax a little, and am happy. So now as I start this new career, I find myself tingling with anxiety and nervous energy almost every minute of everyday, but it is different.  There is no first day to get through.  The nerves won't start to diminish after a day or two.  Instead, I get the tingly excited feeling every time I get a new email about someone interested in my work, or a response from a local photographer that I've reached out with questions or compliments.  I get it every time I complete another important thing on my ever-growing starting-my-own-business checklist.  I get it when I think to myself, "Hey!  You're going to actually get to put that Marketing degree to good use!"  I could go on.  To simplify, lets just say that I'm excited.  I'm driven.  I am rolling on down the road, with my nerves and my tingling anxiety in tow.

The best feeling so far has been getting to know new photographers.  People who I would be happy to call my friends.  There is nothing so wonderful as meeting another professional who is ready and willing to offer advice, feedback, and invitations to chill with other cool photographers.  There is no easy, step-by-step degree that will tell me exactly how to make Stephanie Yonce Photography successful, at least not one that is right for me.  Instead, I hope to continue to surround myself with amazing individuals and to soak up as much as possible in the time I'm given with them.

To all who have already helped me so significantly along my way - thank you.

Lauryn Galloway Photography and David Abel Photography - Both of these amazing local photographers I found while digging around on google for resources.  I enjoyed reading their blogs so much that, on a whim, I decided to shoot them both emails.

I recently had coffee with Lauryn and confirmed that she rocks.  For a solid 2 hours (maybe it was 3!  I don't know...time flew while talking to her) we chatted about photography, business, and great restaurants in the fan.  She has also asked me to second shoot with her in June - I'm so honored.

David responded to my novel of an email with a short-but-sweet reply that included an invitation to crash a photographers' get together he was going to be hosting a few weeks later.  That meetup was last week and once again I was able to confirm that I had met yet another awesome photographer.  The whole group was so welcoming to the "new girl" and only a few minutes after joining the table I sensed that I was among friends.  Thanks for that.  You all rock.

Last but not least, I owe a ridiculously huge thank you to PJ Schlobohm - MY wedding photographer.  I was fortunate enough to get to second shoot with him last weekend.  The wedding reception was at the same place as my wedding!  Getting to help shoot a wedding there was so cool.  PJ was great to work with.  It was a long day (11 hours!), but I am so grateful because I learned so much.  PJ - Thank you so much for the opportunity.  I would be thrilled at the chance to work with you again sometime.

I know this was a long post - and it didn't even have any pictures! - but I feel so fortunate to have already had so many opportunities to work with, chat with, and learn from those who were once where I am now, and I wanted to make sure they knew how grateful I am.  Thanks to all of you.

Okay...I'm throwing in a photo - it is just better that way.   But since this post isn't about me - it isn't my photo.  This was taken by PJ Schlobohm, MY wedding photographer.  This is one of my favorites because it has my beloved balloons in the photo.

Man - I love it.