Turtles, Catfish, & Hidden Monsters

Ruben and I went to Georgia to visit his grandparents a few weeks ago.  They live in a quiet utopia of fruit trees, wildlife, and darkness that allows you to see the stars.  It is quite a change from the city, and I love it.  We're going to a cabin in a state park with Ruben's parents for a couple of days, and the anticipation brought me to my "wildlife" pictures from Georgia (I know...SUPER wild...turtles...fish...I'm such a daredevil!).

Ruben and I look pretty excited don't we? He caught a turtle (safely release back into the pond, of course), and I'm feeding the catfish! Okay...so I look a little nerdy...I'm okay with that.

Can you spy the monster in this next image?  You have to look REALLY carefully. 


I'm outta here and off to the wilderness... hopefully avoiding any additional encounters with spiders of this enormity.

Happy Sunday everyone!