Way back when...

...before I had shot any weddings, I contacted Lauryn Galloway because of a blog post she had written on how she got started.  She came across as extremely approachable and I was looking for new friends in the photography industry, so I nervously wrote her an email, closed my eyes, and hit send.  She emailed me back almost immediately and asked if I wanted to get coffee.  We chatted over lattes for about THREE hours (yeah...that's a long coffee date), and she asked me if I'd like to 2nd shoot for her in June.  Fast forward several months and my chance to finally  shoot with her arrived!  It was an awesome experience. And the wedding?  Oh my wow - the wedding was GORGEOUS!  It all took place at the Virginia Center for Architecture, and there were so many amazing details.  See for yourself....

The gorgeous Emilia!

Matt waiting for Emilia to arrive for their first look!  I love his funky shirt/tie/suit/shoes combination.  He looked so handsome and unique.

Do you see Matt sneaking a peek at Emilia?  Check out the smile on his face. :)

Is this room not incredible?

Matt and Emilia both work in publishing, so the table was lined with stacks of beautiful old books and clear vases of pink, green, and cream flowers.

Everyone got a raspberry with their champagne.  Small pleasures. :)

Cutest fox cake topper I've ever seen.

The light in this room makes me happy.

Real sugar coke in a glass bottle and yummy mini pies = happiness.


The simplicity of Emilia's ring is so breathtaking.  I love love love it.

Shooting this wedding with Lauryn was the best.  I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity work with and learn from her.  She is funky, quirky, professional and likes to have fun.  Be sure to check out her blog post from this fantastic day.

Thank you so much, Lauryn, for trusting me from the very beginning.  I can't wait to 2nd shoot for you again!!!

And a gigantic congratulations to Emilia and Matt.  I hope you two are relaxing on cloud nine together somewhere.   I am so honored that I was lucky enough to be there to help capture your day of absolute perfection.