Little birdie, why do you fly upside down?

When I was a kid (more of a kid than I am now, I mean), one of my best friends would always end up with a bird's nest in the wreath that hung on their house's front door.  The front door didn't latch all the way and unless the deadbolt was turned from the inside it could be pushed open without touching the handle. Side story....One of the most awesome things about the door not latching was that their dog, Chester (who was easily ranks high on my list of coolest dogs ever) used to come barreling through the front door leaving it wide open - at least until someone yelled, "Shut the door, Chester!"  Then he would run behind the door and two-leg-walk the door closed.  Seriously.  Boy was he proud of himself, too.  He was a sweet dog.  He also used to ride jet skis.  He was the Joe Cool of dogs.

But let me return to the unlatch-able (real word? Sure, why not?) door with a wreath that occasionally became home to bird nests.  When I was a kid, I thought this was SO cool.  We had to stop using the door whenever there was a bird living in the wreath so we didn't disturb it or the eggs.  We could never peek into the nest because we were always too short, but later, once the bird had moved on, we'd get to see the nest.

Other than that, I've never really seen a bird's nest, or been very close to a bird.

Recently, Ruben and I had a pair of mourning doves living in a hanging plant basket on our porch!   We thought this was the coolest thing.  Ruben thinks birds are pretty sweet (especially ducks like this one...)

..and I felt like we had pet birds! (I like having pets.  I had a fish in college named, Miles.  He was super slick.)  They hung out for several weeks, and there was always at least one of the two sitting in the basket on the eggs.  They didn't seem to be spooked by anything!  We'd sit out on our porch, go in and out of our door, water plants, cook on the grill, etc, and they would just sit quietly and keep an eye on us.

Then one day, all of a sudden, the babies hatched, and *poof* they were gone.   Did I get a picture of them? NO!   Roar.  Oh well.  I caught a glimpse once or twice.  Ruben saw them a lot.  He even saw them hopping around on the ground at one point...maybe they were trying to learn how to fly?

Anyway, they are gone now.  But while they were our porch buddies, it was nice.  (Even though our porch totally got a bird poop shower...yuck)